Atlantic Seed Association

Seed is the single most important input to any cropping system. To be successful, the grower, whether a farmer tilling hundreds of acres or a homeowner with a hundred square foot garden, must begin with the seed.

–Maryland State Department of Agriculture


Our History

Organized in 1952, the Atlantic Seed Association, formerly known as Atlantic Seedsmen’s, membership includes leading seedsmen involved in lawn, field, vegetable, and flower seeds. It serves a very important role keeping it’s members informed relative to legislative and other matters. The Atlantic also works very closely with the American Seed Trade Association as a regional organization for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States.

The by-laws of the Association clearly outline the powers, privileges and benefits of its members. Active members elect their officers who are responsible to the members. Various committees carry out a wide variety of programs and projects. The day-by-day operations of the Association are handled by an Executive Director who works closely with all officers and committees.


The Atlantic Seed Association strives to provide the membership an opportunity to further their knowledge in all areas of the seed industry. Educational topics are our priority in planning the Annual Conventions.

Regional Legislative Resources

The ASA is a landing spot for regional seed issues. Members can count on the ASA not only for information on legislative events affecting the region, but also to be the resource and connection with the larger associations the ASA is affiliated with.


The ASA understands the benefits of networking. We provide many opportunities for our members to share, connect and advise one another. The ASA recognizes that networking among its members leads to increased confidence, friendships and referrals.

Membership Requirements

Corporations, partnerships or individuals who are regularly engaged in the production or buying and selling of agricultural and horticultural seeds or related products are eligible to become members.

Active Members

Corporations, partnerships or individuals who are regularly engaged in the production of buying and selling of agricultural and/or horticultural seeds. They shall maintain an established place of business, a branch or an agent in one or more of the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia. Those corporations, partnerships or individuals outside of the fourteen states are eligible as Active Non-Resident Members with full voting rights.  Click here for an ACTIVE dues membership form. 

Associate Membership

Includes corporations, partnerships or individuals who are otherwise closely associated with the seed trade. Associate members shall be entitled to participate in all meetings but shall not be entitled to vote. Click here for an ASSOCIATE dues membership form. 

Affiliate Membership

Includes companies with separate identities but with the same or similar ownership as an active member. Affiliate members shall be entitled to participate in all meetings but shall not be entitled to vote.  Click here for an AFFILIATE dues membership form. 

Annual dues for Active Members (Resident and Non-Resident) are $350.00, for Associate Members $250.00, and for Affiliate Members $250.00.

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Additional information about the Atlantic Seed Association is available from the office of:

Tina Bowling, Executive Director


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